Why I chose Data Science as a Career Path

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On the first day of the data science class, I decided to quit. “What is this?” I asked myself. I felt out of place. I did not enjoy the lesson one bit.

Data Science. Internet of Things. Big Data. ML. AI. — when people talked about these words, I knew they were talking about the future. I felt that I wanted to be part of this revolution, but I had no idea how to get started.

Somehow, I also felt that I was pushing myself towards a path that I thought others wanted me to pursue. “You’ll earn adequate money. You’ll be more fulfilled. And you’ll be a woman in tech, respected and admired by many.”

The thought of pursuing the “next big thing” for personal gains made me shrug. “I am just going to be aimless, doing what I think would make me look significant in other people’s eyes.”

And so I put these “big words” at the back of my mind, hoping to one day come back to them, or maybe not.

It was not until this January that I decided to take a course in data science because that was one of the courses that seemed doable to complete and graduate from the University.

On the first day of the data science class, I decided to quit. “What is this?” I asked myself. I felt out of place. I did not enjoy the lesson one bit.

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After class, I went to look for another course to replace this one. I did not think I could survive another lesson.

But to my dismay, all the possible courses I could take had their classes full, and I was forced to remain in the data science class.

With my interest in statistics, I gradually began to enjoy the class. I picked up quite fast, and my colleagues could tell. They asked me for help in understanding concepts and completing assignments, and I offered as much help as I could.

Another thing I loved about the data science class was the data visualization. It gave me the ability to express my creative side. I felt that my passion for math and art could finally be utilized simultaneously.

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In my pursuit of this passion, I hope to gain adequate skills to help social enterprises scale and sustain their growth.

I have a thing for social enterprises. Not only do they have a social mission, but they also have the goal of making profit by realizing their social mission, and this is something I believe in. I believe in taking care of myself and taking care of others. I believe both can be achieved simultaneously.

I also see that most social enterprise start-ups struggle to scale, and statistics back this up. Through data science, I hope to build models to better predict the strategies and market that a particular social enterprise must pursue in order to scale.

In my quest to learn data science with the Eloquent Data program, I hope to gain adequate skills for myself and for the world.

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