I dreamt about my wedding day.

Florence Ofori
2 min readJul 23, 2021


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It was not at all what they told me it would be.

It was a normal day.

A little bit of a bitter day, I dare say.

The only difference,

was that I was standing beside someone,

who was supposed to be,

the love of my life.

And then he vanished.

I vanished too,

and appeared in my high school’s dining hall;

that was the location of the reception.

What were we to have after exchanging the wedding vows?

A day’s old bread, dipped in tom-brown porridge.


I began to search:

“Where’s he? Where is the love of my life?”

“Ah, there he is, my groom.”

Then my amusement turned into a frown.

“Why’s he criticizing everything?”

He damned the decorations,

He damned the old-looking guest chairs,

And I damned him.

We disappeared and appeared again,

this time on top of a moving bullet train.

We took our rings out,

And wore them on our ring fingers.

No one needed to tell us what was next:

We held each other,

Him, my waist,

And I, his neck.

Our lips were about to touch,

in uncanny ecstasy,

when I slipped, oh dear.

I held on to the edge,

the slippery edge of the fast-moving train.

“Bae, the love of my life, my groom, save me!”

I cried.

He got down on his knees.

He said:

‘I’ll be to you, what Scar was to Mufasa.”

He took my hands,

And let me go.

He dropped me.

He. Betrayed. Me.

That’s when I woke up.

“Ha, silly dream.” I blurted.

But deep down,

I knew:

He’d still be the love of my life,

Even if he betrayed me.



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